Choosing the right Ice Skating Outfit

Published: 06th March 2012
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Choosing the correct Ice Skating Outfit

The right figure skating outfit can make or break a efficiency. Additional, the clothing you choose can do considerably to either boost or hamper your ice skating routine. Skaters just obtaining started in the world of figure skating might uncover all the selections, types and selections confusing. Even people that have been skating for a though may possibly obtain all of the possibilities somewhat overwhelming.

From flashy, sequined outfits, to darker, seemingly unimpressive suits, from tights to skates to protective padding, picking out all of your gear can seem daunting. No matter whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been competing for a even though, here are some tips to get you started on the correct track.

Know your types

You can substantially narrow down your clothing possibilities by knowing what specific designs are used for. If you simply search for “ice skating clothing” you’re going to get millions of results, so make things easier on yourself by pinpointing exactly what your outfit will be used for.

Competition dresses are the fancy, flashy outfits you see most often. These are the outfits everyone imagines when picking out an outfit, simply because this is what you see on TV at the Olympics or others figure skating events. They are created specifically for show, to draw attention to the skaters and to make a good impression on the judges. If you are competing, make sure you invest in an outfit that will complement your routine and match the music you use. Your competition outfit should be the one that takes the most consideration before deciding on.

Test outfits are used primarily for testing a skater’s skill level. Rather than being flashy and potentially distracting with a good deal of color and flare, test dresses are usually darker colored and have few embellishments or decorations. The long-sleeved cut of these outfits helps to accentuate the skater’s arm movements, and the simple design keeps the focus on the skater’s skill.

Practice dresses are considerably less expensive than competition outfits, and are generally simpler in design as well. These outfits are usually made of spandex or lycra, and while they lack the impressive flair of a competition outfit, they are more attractive and embellished than a test outfit. Many skaters still pick to wear a practice dress with a little flair in order to attract the attention of any potential judges or talent scouts who may possibly be watching a competition practice.

Know what flatters

An important aspect of picking out an outfit is knowing what will flatter your particular build and figure - and what will very best show off your skating skills.

The fabric of the outfit is a very important consideration. Your ice skating clothing should be made from 4-way stretch fabric that will hold up nicely under heavy use, falls, and stretching. Velvet, lycra and microfiber are the most common materials used for skating outfits.

The fit of the costume should be snug and form fitting. It should feel like a good one-piece swimsuit. You shouldn’t see bagging, bulging or wrinkling inside the fabric. If it’s too loose, go down one size. As Scott Hamilton says, “The tighter, the better.”

The skirt is what draws a great deal of attention to your costume, so obtain one that flatters. Bell skirts will enhance a thin figure, even though slant skirts are more slimming.

The neckline is a final, important consideration. First of all, most skaters dislike the constricting feeling of a high collar or turtle neck, as a tight neckline can be quite uncomfortable though skating. Try different necklines to see what style will most flatter your figure.

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